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Sustainable soil conservation and management for industrial projects are key elements for Federal, Provincial, and municipal regulatory approvals and compliance.

Unsuitable soil conservation and management practices can contribute to increasing a project’s environmental liabilities and risks. Triton’s Professional Agrologists have extensive experience with sustainable soil management through the entire project life cycle including pre-development inventories, post-construction and operational monitoring, and restoration and reclamation phases. Triton offers a range of baseline soil and terrain, environmental site assessment, and reclamation surveys and assessment services across Western Canada for oil and gas, power, mining, municipal development, and agriculture sectors, to support responsible development. Our services include:

  • Regulatory liaison and support

  • Baseline soil and terrain surveys and mapping

  • Pre-disturbance assessments and conservation and reclamation plans

  • Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments/ stage 1 and 2 preliminary site investigations

  • Pipeline infrastructure abandonment applications for Provincially and Federally regulated projects

  • Clubroot inventories and management

  • Erosion risk assessments and erosion and sediment control plans

  • Soil salvage and construction monitoring

  • Post-construction site monitoring and inspections

  • Reclamation and restoration assessments and certificate applications