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Methodical planning, data collection, and field execution are critical for successful site evaluation and achievement of land use goals.

Triton’s team of qualified soil and groundwater professionals provides site assessment, remediation, and reclamation solutions to industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, governmental, and Indigenous clients in Western Canada. Our project managers and technical experts are skilled at executing all project phases from planning, permitting, and desktop assessment through field implementation and final regulatory closure.Our services include:

  • Pre-disturbance/pre-construction site evaluation, including desktop and field assessments 

  • Construction supervision/inspection, soil salvage oversight, and stockpile management

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) including Phase 1 ESA/Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), Phase 2 ESA/Stage 2 PSI and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

  • Site-Specific Liability Assessments

  • Remediation planning/design including conceptual site modelling; risk, receptor, and contaminant fate/transport evaluation; site-specific risk assessments, risk management planning, and the application of site-specific criteria

  • Remediation implementation using in situ and ex situ technologies, confirmatory/closure sampling, and remedial reporting

  • Sampling and notification to meet non-waste soil relocation requirements 

  • Reclamation services including planning, supervision, and post-reclamation monitoring and maintenance

  • Detailed landscape/soils/vegetation assessments, and reclamation reporting 

  • Reclamation applications relevant to the applicable regulatory body and jurisdiction 

  • Groundwater monitoring design, well installation, and sampling

  • Spill contingency planning and response

  • Soil, agriculture, and land capability/suitability assessments

  • Traditional land use/Traditional Ecological Knowledge program implementation 

  • Baseline soil and terrain surveys, conservation and reclamation plans, and mapping

  • Erosion risk assessments and erosion and sediment control plans

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