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Triton’s team of professionals works closely with our GIS team to utilize and best fit GIS technology to any project. 

Triton's GIS team ensures GIS products and services meet rigorous project needs. With an integrated lifecycle approach to data, we work to ensure data collection, analysis, mapping, reporting, and data delivery are a part of a needs driven workflow. This keeps your project in focus, ensuring timely delivery of quality information. Triton’s GIS Services support decision making across all sectors and assessments. Our services include:

  • Environmental data analysis (water quality monitoring, habitats, change detection, site selection, environmental assessments)

  • Field data capture, processing, and reporting

  • Full GIS integration of data collected from tablets and smartphone apps

  • Hotspot and risk mapping

  • Traditional mapping, visualization and reporting

  • Environmental Alignment Sheets

  • Public Engagement and concerns mapping

  • Constraint maps and analytics

  • Geospatial needs consultation

  • Administration and implementation of ArcGIS Online maps and apps 

  • Project dashboards and KPI tracking

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