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Triton has built its reputation in the field of aquatic sciences by finding and implementing innovative, cost-effective solutions for industry.

Where project effects are unavoidable, habitat offsetting plans are required to counterbalance the effects. This is one of our areas of strength, as Triton has designed complex fisheries habitat compensation plans for many high-profile clients. Triton is also experienced in navigating the regulatory processes associated with compensation planning, and we understand that integrating compensation options into a project’s design can reduce potential project and permitting delays. Triton is experienced in preparing compensation plans under CEAA and BCEAA, and we have worked on multi-year compensation programs. Our services include:

  • Fish and fish habitat mitigation and compensation plans

  • Fish passage restoration

  • Design and construction of in-stream habitat features including large woody debris and boulder complexing, and design of off-channel habitat (spawning, rearing and overwintering)

  • Riparian habitat restoration and compensation

  • Estuary restoration and marine offsetting programs

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