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Triton has more than thirty years of corporate history working inclusively with Indigenous communities and businesses in Western Canada. Our business model reflects our corporate commitments to integrating progressive Indigenous Relations into the fabric of our operations and the structure of our projects. In collaboration with our Indigenous Partners, colleagues, and neighbours, we are continuously building up our commitments, policies and programs to promote and strengthen a prosperous Indigenous economy wherever we work.

Triton’s corporate structures and Indigenous Relations commitments and programs are focused on four key areas: Leadership Actions, Employment, Business Development and Community Relationships


Leadership Actions


Triton’s Leadership continuously reinforces and improves upon our corporate focus to advance progressive Indigenous Relations policies and programs that support meaningful and sustainable Indigenous economic reconciliation for the Indigenous communities and businesses we work with. 

At Triton we ensure all of our employees and contractors are committed to the application of our Indigenous Relations policies and commitments. We provide cultural awareness and sensitivity training to all of our workforce, mandatory on-boarding training, and continuous education for our leadership and workforce company-wide. We succeed because we have fostered an inclusive corporate culture, dedicated the necessary resources, and developed our corporate strategies in collaboration with Indigenous communities, partners, and colleagues to meet our corporate commitments. 

For more information, please contact Karen Baylis (Director of Indigenous Relations) or Paul Harrison (Partnerships Manager)

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