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Almost every project built on or near a marine environment requires a deep understanding of the interaction between the project and the marine habitat. Triton has qualified marine biologists, and engaging them at project inception often reduces uncertainties surrounding project acceptance.

Triton is experienced in planning, designing, and executing marine environmental assessments; having completed marine projects across many industry sectors. We also have extensive experience working in a variety of marine ecosystems including intertidal, sub-tidal, estuarine, and open ocean environments. Our services include:

  • Marine ecosystem inventories encompassing foreshore and sub-tidal environments focused on species of management and concern

  • Marine habitat classification and ranking using dive, bathymetric, and sonar studies

  • Project and site-specific best management practices or offsetting options designed to reduce or eliminate potential conflicts with marine species and habitats

  • Hydro-acoustic monitoring of blasting and pile-driving activities

  • Analysis of water and sediment quality for effluent discharge, dredging, and disposal in compliance with Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and other relevant guidelines and regulations

  • Design and budgeting of alternative shoreline erosion protection measures

  • Marine mammal observation studies focused on potential interactions with shipping traffic and underwater construction activities

  • Estuary restoration and marine offsetting programs

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