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Triton’s team of specialized water quality and hydrologic professionals have demonstrated success negotiating the rigorous Federal and Provincial regulatory landscapes. This success is achieved through our extensive knowledge of applicable guidelines, policies and industry-specific permitting requirements.

We provide support around site-specific issues that require effective and innovative solutions because Triton’s expert team is able to draw upon its experience in the more specialized fields of eco-toxicology and predictive water quality modelling to ensure our clients’ specific needs are met. Over the past 30 years, Triton has provided water quality and hydrologic services for a broad spectrum of clients in the mining, energy, and land development industries. Regardless of the scale of the project, Triton’s aquatic team always supplies timely consulting services and pragmatic products that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our services include:

  • Analysis and interpretation of water quantity and quality for baseline characterization of proposed project sites

  • Project-specific permit applications including water use, consumption, and waste discharge

  • Design and implementation of long-term environmental effects monitoring programs with a focus on water quality

  • Development of site-specific water quality objectives for marine and freshwater receiving environments

  • Ecological risk assessment for aquatic environments

  • Minimum in-stream flow requirements

  • Hydrological modeling and flow monitoring

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