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The purpose of the Indigenous Relations Policy is to ensure that there is a consistent approach with Indigenous Relations based on respect, transparency, and integrity while engaging with Indigenous peoples in the course of our work. Triton’s Indigenous Relations activities will reflect our corporate values and beliefs, and our policies and practices will continue to be integrated into the fabric of our day‑to‑day operations in accordance with this Policy. 

Triton believes that creating and cultivating strong and collaborative business relationships contributes to a prosperous Indigenous economy and leads to meaningful Indigenous economic reconciliation. These beliefs are an integral part of who Triton is and are business project activities reflect that.

Triton’s Indigenous Relations Policy is guided by the following principles:


We recognize the unique legal and constitutional rights and title of Indigenous peoples in Canada and these rights must be considered in our business relationships and activities with Indigenous peoples.  

We recognize and support the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report Calls to Action and the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

We act with integrity and are committed to increasing Indigenous participation and procurement in our business so that local Indigenous communities, businesses, and people can share in our success.

We promote an inclusive corporate culture by developing and implementing corporate practices, driven by policy, to support a workforce that is representative of the Indigenous population of Canada.

Key Indigenous Relations Elements and Scope:

Triton includes Indigenous-owned businesses and communities in our employment and procurement planning and pursues economic development partnerships that provide long-lasting benefits such as revenue-sharing, employment, procurement, and Nation‑building benefits unique to each Partner necessary to achieve sustainable stewardship of their lands and water.


Triton respects the deep history and culture of Indigenous people and believes that understanding is a key component of reconciliation. We require all staff to complete Indigenous Awareness and Sensitivity training and offer additional learnings throughout the year to cultivate a deeper insight into Indigenous cultures and traditions.


All employees and contractors who perform activities for, or on behalf of Triton, are responsible to uphold the principles and foundational elements contained in this Policy. Service providers are encouraged to follow our policies and Triton evaluates service providers, in part, on the basis of their relationships with Indigenous people. 


This Policy applies to Triton’s relationships with the Indigenous communities impacted by our business activities and to some extent, those impacted by our clients’ activities in Western Canada.

For more information, please contact Karen Baylis (Director of Indigenous Relations) or Paul Harrison (Partnerships Manager)

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