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Environmental management and protection planning is often required to comply with environmental legislation, from initial management and protection plans to design and implementation of long-term monitoring.

Site-specific management plans tailored to the scope and setting of a particular project accelerate project schedules, while reducing delays and unforeseen project costs. Triton has developed numerous management plans ranging from small residential developments to inter-provincial pipeline projects. We work with owners, regulatory authorities, and contractors. Our services include:

  • Environmental management plans that identify all risks, associated controls, and mitigation strategies

  • Environmental protection plans based on regulatory commitments and conditions of licenses, permits, and authorizations

  • Erosion and sediment control plans

  • Species-specific and habitat-specific protection plans

  • Detailed spill response and control plans including incident reporting protocols

  • Training programs designed to help owners, contractors, and local hires understand environmental regulations, project requirements, and long-term goals

  • Realistic and achievable habitat mitigation, restoration, and compensation planning

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